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What are Testosterone Boosters?

What are testosterone boosters and why should you consider increasing your testosterone? Let’s start at the beginning, testosterone is the male sex hormone found in all men and is produced in the testes, but it is also an important hormone for women and is produced in the ovaries alongside oestrogen. Women have a small amount produced, whilst for men testosterone controls things like moods, sex drive and muscle growth.

As men and women get older the levels of natural testosterone in the body changes, women find that their testosterone levels can increase giving them more facial hair and the imbalance can be treated using HRT. In men the lowered testosterone can be treated using injections, changes in diet and supplements or boosters.

Testosterone Boosters

The best testosterone boosters will either increase the production of testosterone or help to reduce the amount of it that is converted into oestrogen. There have been multiple studies on the effects of these boosters, some studies have been conducted specifically to see the effects and benefits relating to the production of testosterone and some studies have noted the increase in testosterone levels as part of a wider study into the effect of taking a booster for other things such as cancer treatments.

Natural Testosterone Boosters

The human body is a complex and unique thing, what works for one may not work for another so some of the use of testosterone supplement boosters may work for you and some may not. All can be found naturally in vitamins and minerals from food or supplements, even in the skin when you go out into the sun, but the levels required to boost testosterone production might need you to move to a sunnier location or to eat a boat load of broccoli and let’s face it, no-one really wants that (or the aftermath).

D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic Acid
Found in: Milk & dairy, fish, meat and eggs
The benefits: Involved in the production and release of testosterone in the body.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D3
Found in: Eggs, fish oil and good old sunshine
The benefits: Regulates amounts of calcium and phosphate in the body to keep bones and muscles healthy.


Found in: Naturally occuring herb
The benefits: Can help to balance cholesterol and maintain healthy liver and kidney function.


Found in: Natural spice and root.
The benefits: Has anti-inflammatory properties and aides stomach upsets, as well as helping to reduce risk of diabetes.


Found in: Seeds, oysters and beef liver.
The benefits: Zinc is one of the most common ingredients in testosterone boosters. Why? Because some people believe that, and there are studies to back up that, having additional Zinc in a supplement has been shown to increase testosterone levels significantly and that restricting zinc intake has lowered testosterone levels. As your zinc intake goes up or down, so do your testosterone level. Allegedly.


Found in: Natural herb.
The benefits: Can reduce cortisol levels and may help reduce stress and anxiety. Can also boost testosterone and increase fertility in men.


Found in: Nuts, seeds, legumes.
The benefits: Magnesium is involved in hundreds of biochemical reactions in your body and may help to boost exercise performance. Can also help to lower blood pressure.

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