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We write in-depth product reviews, product tests, testimonials, facts and useful information on supplements and their benefits. Our aim is to help you achieve your goals and fuel your fire!

Our editors

John Nicholls

John Nicholls

Founder & Chief Editor

John started to look at what supplements were available on the market having discovered them by accident. As a 40+ male John realised the importance of detailed information on why we need supplements to help us achieve our goals, and what products are available to help maintain healthy levels.

Sascha Ghazwinian

Dr Sascha Ghazwinian

Contributing Editor

Dr. Sascha Ghazwinian graduated from Graz, Austria, in Medicine and Dentistry. He has more than 8 years of experience in his fields and practiced in Austria and Spain. Sascha takes keen interest in peak performance and now specialises in consulting athletes and entrepreneurs achieving their optimal health.

What do we do?

We research which supplements are on the market and what they claim to do. We then review each product and rate them with a guide on how to take them, what the side effects are, and if they will truly help you to achieve your goals.

We aim to inform readers of our website on where to buy the best supplements saving you time with our trustworthy reviews.